FYI: For Your Improvement 5th Edition


The 5th edition, enhanced new FYI includes an index, richer information on global leadership factors, specific “on the job” development tips, and a new planning guide.

Designed for use by any motivated person with a development need, FYI: For Your Improvementâ„¢ is the result of over 50 years of research and experience. To useFYI, simply select the competency that needs improvement and review the chapter where that competency is discussed. Each competency chapter provides:

  • An unskilled, skilled, and overuse definition of the competency
  • Possible causes for why there is a development need in this area
  • A map explaining why the competency is important
  • 10 or more tips for building the competency
  • Book and audiotape suggestions
  • Quotes that may prompt inspiration or reflection


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