Leveraging Personality Type in Coaching and Leadership Facilitation – July 10




Taking a deep look into the nature and utility of personality type means understanding the whole system of perceiving and judging processes as it applies to everyday life. This online class will orient you to the essential aspects of type dynamics and the type development insights based on data and experiences with using type for over forty years.

Selected coaching cases will be examined as part of this class. A special development guide and an action guide for coaching and facilitation will be provided. Participants will receive a proprietary guide on development for each of the sixteen types which includes data from multiple tools, including 360 data.
You will receive:

  • The book – YOU: Being More Effective in your MBTI Type
  • Guide: Using YOU with The Pearman Personality Integrator™

Presenter: Roger Pearman, EdD

DATE: July 10, 2020

TIME: 1-4 pm, EST

You will be sent a Zoom Link the day before the event.

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