Understanding EQ: What It Means and How to Develop It – March 27




Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is arguably one of the most important areas of human development to emerge in the last two decades. There are four key frames on the nature of emotional intelligence which this online class will cover. The focus will be on the 54 EQ competencies that make a difference in effectiveness and well-being.

This course will give you clear guidance on what EQ materials are available that is based on good science. You will understand the key frameworks of EQ and their benefits and problems. This online class is designed to cover the universe of science of EQ and the practical steps forward in using an EQ perspective.

You will receive:

  • Book: The People Skills Handbook: Action Tips for Improving Emotional Intelligence>

Presenter: Roger Pearman, EdD

DATE: March 27, 2020

TIME: 1-4 pm, EST

You will be sent a Zoom Link the day before the event.

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