About Leadership Performance Systems

We are about you. Our goal is to increase your individual effectiveness and organizational performance. The competencies that move individuals from “so-so” performance to “outstanding” can be identified and learned.

We use the best science available in assessing behavior for individual effectiveness or for organizational performance. We can map the behavior that is essential to implementing business strategy.

Our services will increase your learning agility, which is the golden bridge to satisfaction and overall effectiveness.

We bridge theory to practice. Our work is framed using the most comprehensive theories, built on research, that are available. The test of the worth of these theories is whether we can use the ideas in practical ways to fulfill your mission.

Leadership Performance Systems, Inc., founded in 1994, seeks to address organizational challenges and promote practical solutions to problems that hinder individual and organizational development.

In addition to the development of individuals and organizations, we are committed to assisting with return on investment, return on assets, sales growth, increased market share, and efficiency and productivity for the organizations we have the privilege to serve.

We seek to help organizations achieve desired financial objectives through selection, retention, succession planning, and competency enhancement of associates at all levels.

We address human systems issues through specialized training, consulting, and individual leadership development services.

Our legacy is built on continuing to utilize the best social science research available in service to practical applications that help our customers, partners, and associates achieve extraordinary performance.