Professional Certifications

Our affiliate provides for web based and e-learning certifications for the following assessments:

  • EQ-I and EQ 360 assessments measure factors in emotional intelligence. Download a sample report now.
  • People Skills 360™ allows the certified administrator to customize a 360 experience, selecting from a subset of 54 emotional competencies. Most companies select between 18-26 competencies, depending on the needs of the organization.  Download a sample report now.
  • Type 360® is based on psychological type patterns and provides an opportunity to individuals to learn how they are observed and how their personality impacts relationships. Download a sample report now.
  • Leader Agility 360™ is based 30 years of evidence that eight factors make the difference between leadership effectiveness and mediocre performance. Download a sample report now.
  • Learning Effectiveness Indicator™ measures the main promoters and resisters of learning effectiveness. Download a sample report now.