Business Smarts Consulting

Practical Business Smarts solutions, tailored to your organization…

Leadership Performance Systems (LPS) is a leading strategy and talent alignment firm with a strong track record for helping organizations address their challenges and focus on delivering sustainable profitability and competitive advantage.  LPS follows a strategic “due diligence process” to customize and apply strategic thinking, strong facilitation skills, proven strategic processes, and plan execution skills to deliver industry-specific strategy consulting services in key areas:

  • Corporate strategy and strategic planning
  • Divisional strategies
  • Marketing and brand strategy; growth and innovation
  • Leadership and talent development
  • Governance and organizational effectiveness
  • Mergers and acquisitions


Why choose Leadership Performance Systems as your strategic action partner?

Our consulting services lead to practical actions.  As a basic service, the Business Smarts Suite includes three assessments developed to provide you with important business information on the overall activities in the business (Business Smarts Profile), in marketing initiatives (Marketing Smarts Profile), and in building a growth orientation (Strategic Smarts Profile).  These assessments are one aspect of our overall Business Smarts Consulting services.  You may decide to use the Business Smarts Suite assessments without any additional contracting for services.

Business Smarts Consulting covers the following services:

Phase 1


Assessment may include the Business Smarts Suite, interviews with key stakeholders, customer focus groups, and key trend analysis.

Phase 2


Analyzing all data sets, testing hypotheses, and report generation. Post assessment follow-up.

Phase 3


Creation of a detailed growth plan, inclusive of a strategic retreat, establishment of KPIs, key actions, and detailed action plan.

Phase 4


Action matrix for plan execution, deployment sessions, talent alignment, and organizational communication.

Phase 5


Monitoring KPIs, evaluation of goal achievement, plan adjustments, and plan renewal.




Next Steps

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Special Services Partnerships provides a comprehensive assessment, relationship enrichment, and team development experience using a dynamic, interactive e-learning platform.  We have been integral in sharing knowledge and creating value added content for this service.  This allows you to develop individuals regardless of their location and ensures the quality of their experience.  Individuals can complete one of the five discovery lenses (e.g. Performance Five personality, or Interaction Styles) and work through various elearning elements to identify the action plan most productive to the specific needs of the individual. See more at: outlines the development of iPad applications designed to provide a coach at your fingertips for teams, career decisions, or college and university student needs for working with an array of individuals.  These highly interactive and dynamic applications provide tips and guidance at the speed of need.  Read more details at