The science and art of being more effective means knowing, flexing, and doing.

All of our services are based on this mission critical aspect of effective behavior: knowing what to do, flexing to use your strengths and build new capabilities, and doing those things necessary to implement what you have learned to get results.

The benefits of our evidenced based pragmatic approach:

  • You save money, time, and effort
  • You focus on the most accurate behavior targets in the most efficient way
  • You receive a personalized, customized, and targeted plan (for individual or group effectiveness)

Assessment for Action

We administer and interpret a full range of assessments, including personality, multi-rater (360 tools), and abilities measures. To see the full range, click Assessments.

Coaching for Effectiveness

Individual Coaching for Effectiveness engages you in a process which provides a thorough strengths-weaknesses-opportunities-threats appraisal, a dynamic development plan designed to leverage strengths, and on-going support to monitor and measure progress.

Each engagement is customized and usually includes an assessment methodology (e.g. behavior based assessments and interviews), an action oriented pragmatic development plan, and a process for support and measurement.

For details, email us: or call 336-774-0330.

Customized Training

Organizations utilize our services to evaluate, design, and deliver targeted training programs. Typically these programs involve:

  • An insight methodology for the individuals in the program such as an inventory on the specific competency or goal the program is to address
  • An action learning set of activities designed to build understanding and clarity needed behaviors to reach the desired effectiveness
  • A focused practical “next step” plan with accountability partners in the program

Organizations have utilized our services for Leadership and Emotional Intelligence, Competency Based Leadership, Crises Leadership, Business Performance Leadership, and Team Effectiveness training programs.

For details, email us: or call 336-774-0330.

Talent Management Consulting

Alignment of talent capabilities with the goals of the organization is our objective with this service. We initiate a systematic link between capabilities and desired strategic objectives. For example, being the high quality provider requires different capabilities than being the low cost provider.

We will provide you with:

  • A detailed alignment report that identifies the competencies needed to achieve the performance goals
  • A thorough plan for addressing talent gaps covering hiring and interview protocols to talent placement decisions
  • Profiles of key leadership competencies at all levels of management and individual contribution
  • Training a method for continuing appropriate talent and placement decisions

Download our Prospectus – Aligning Talent with Business Objectives

For details, email us: or call 336-774-0330.

Note that as an alliance partner with Lominger/Korn Ferry, we utilize the proven competency mapping system and development assessment processes they provide.